Facilities and Infrastructure

Secure network of connected Service Delivery Centers

At Clarus, we focus on creating best-in-class infrastructure as an investment to create congenial work spaces for our team members. We have state-of-the-art operating centers in India and Manila. All these satellite centers are interlinked and are also linked to large client sites through secure, high-bandwidth communication links.

Technical Support - Round-the-clock

The superior facilities and infrastructure at Clarus ensure a great, friendly working atmosphere for our staff. It is skillfully supported by various support groups that work around the clock to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of operations. Our ongoing infrastructure development not only keeps up with the latest technological innovations in the market place but also meets the rigorous security requirements of the clients.

Operational Reporting capability

Our systems are capable of generating extensive reports that provide critical information about productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Reports are tailored as per requirements. All, customer client communications, through all three mediums namely email, chat and calls are recorded and stored for future reference.

Redundant Bandwidth and Secure Communications

We work with more than one Internet Service Providers (ISP) for our Internet connectivity. This ensures redundancy if there is a failure of connectivity at one ISP. Sufficient Internet bandwidth has been made available to prevent congestion. Encryption is used for connectivity between our office and the clients office.

Back-up Power Generation Capabilities

All our facilities are equipped with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems) backed by power generators that can provide over 100 hours of power back-up in case of a disruption of operations.