About us

Clarus offers cost-effective solutions for the entire revenue cycle management  process cycle We bring together the expertise of our people, mature technology, and processes, enabled by a focus on rigorous training and stringent compliance processes.

We enable our healthcare providers to focus on providing high-quality care while we reduce their total costs to process through our deep global delivery model supporting the end to end chain of revenue cycle processes. We provide flexible engagement models including % of collections, monthly FTE rates, and transaction pricing – so that you have the flexibility to choose to pay as you go or pay for outcomes.

Value Proposition

  • Through deep revenue cycle services experience, proven ability to deliver the business outcomes that you seek, and our mature global delivery model, we improve the profitability and performance our clients.

    Benefits our RCM clients attain:

    • Revenue Acceleration

      • Increase collections by 18% to 20% by using technology enabled solutions and reducing revenue leakage

      • Assured increase in client’s cash flow

    • Costs

      • Best-in-class services at market leading price points

      • Up to 40% reduction in operating cost

      • Often, the revenue improvement that we bring about far exceeds the investments in the revenue cycle function itself

    • Process and Business outcomes

      • Improved clean claim submission ratio and focus on denial prevention reduces Insurance follow-up and accelerates cash flow

      • Cautious, accurate and timely submissions of claims by our skilled team ensure that payers revert on claims acceptance within 1-2 business days

      • Decrease in AR days and avoid financial delays

        • Prompt follow up on open claims starting from 30 days of ageing

        • Quicker turnaround time for claim submission and cash posting

      • Faster collection cycle

      • Over 97% coding accuracy

    • Capability and Service levels

      • Deep medical coding experience enabled by a pool of seasoned coding professionals

      • Sign up for better than internal quality metrics to ensure compliance, identify and prevent revenue leakage

      • Dedicated managers for every account with monthly MIS reporting

      • Highly skilled billing experts

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Our Vision

To improve clinical, administrative and financial costs of our healthcare customers -providers, payers and market aggregators

Our Mission

To bring out the best in the Industry with

  • Comprehensive, transparent RCM system

  • Maximizing client’s revenue potential by reducing operational costs with best in class end to end services

  • Reduced backend professional Charges

  • Credentialing and contracting services with 100% Quality Assurance

  • High process efficiency

  • Quicker turnaround time

  • Efficient client co-ordination

  • 100% customer satisfaction