Your cash flow is directly dependent on the effectiveness of your A/R Follow-up process. It is, therefore, important that the follow-up is not only diligent but based on a strong governance process. Clarus RCM helps clients accelerate their cash flow through proper analysis, diligent follow-up, and by developing business rules, along with our clients, for appropriate actions to be taken in each scenario.

Components of our A/R Management Process

Our AR Management Process includes the following:

  • Develop Work Queues. We analyze the A/R ageing buckets and create work queues for our agents to follow-up.

  • Effective Follow-up. We understand the most effective day from the date of submission for different payers and focus on payers who would have information on file.

  • Multichannel Reach out. Many payers today provide information via their website and IVR services. We work with our clients to improve adoption of websites by registering with payers. This reduces the effort involved in making calls, and only those claims that require follow-up are called upon.

  • Reduce DSO. Our diligent follow-up reduces Days Sales Outstanding. We can obtain the status of the claim, identify denied claims and file appeals.

Old A/R Clean up

  • Healthcare providers often get into situations of accumulated unresolved A/R accounts running into millions of dollars. Such situations may arise either due to ineffective A/R clearance or on account of system switch over.

  • We perform a thorough analysis and create a focused strategy to address the A/R, work with the client to set collection targets and develop a process for negotiation with the insurance companies, and follow-up on each claim multiple times to recover as much money as possible.

Benefits of our A/R Management Process

Clarus RCM’s approach for A/R management processes involves analytics and focuses on account resolution. Our clients experience the following benefits:

  • Continuous improvement in the adoption of payer websites to reduce calling efforts

  • Focused calling efforts in a periodic manner to improve collections

  • Ongoing dashboard development and analytics to improve collections

  • Strong focus on call quality – accounts receivable process knowledge and voice quality

  • Develop exhaustive policies and procedures for write-offs and adjustments

  • Daily account support calls to address any issues

  • Reduce costs by as much as 50% through offshore delivery

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