Understanding the performance of your revenue cycle can be a complex exercise. Get an accurate understanding of your revenue cycle performance by utilizing industry-standard frameworks such as HFMA and MGMA benchmarks.

Clarus RCM provides you with expert resources who can help you adopt these frameworks and provide periodic reports so that you take financial decisions based on data. We work with you to create an ecosystem of daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and help you analyze the trends and patterns in your revenue cycle performance.

Components of our Revenue Cycle Analytics services

We provide the following RCM analytics services:

  • Provide expert RCM consultants to help you define the metrics ecosystem and the reports you need to see

  • Provide a team of RCM analysts to generate the reports across multiple RCM KPIs, across functional areas, and across providers/facilities.

  • Provide trend analytics, discuss with you over a call, and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Create a team to help support the transformation initiatives across each process and help you execute the improvement plans

Benefits of our Revenue Cycle Analytics services

Clarus RCM Customers see the following benefits:

  • Clearer understanding of your administrative, clinical and financial performance

  • Deep dive into revenue leakage areas and improvement in the overall outcomes

  • Support to your process improvement programs

  • Daily account support calls to address any issues

  • Reduce costs by as much as 50% through offshore delivery

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