At Clarus, “we focus on quality over quantity”. We use high-end quality tools and also use TQS to prevent errors. We take 100% quality measures, such as coding auditing, to keep check on the quality of our output.

As a Six Sigma top Level Company, we take immense pleasure in providing industry best services. Our team of experts are professionally certified. We achieve error-free coding, every time with our AAPC certified coders.


Clarus stands tall and proud by consistently adapting to changes. We are currently ICD-10 compliant with error free claims and faster reimbursement. This transition will help our clients experience higher quality processes and productivity gains. Clarus is a HIPAA & Coding compliance organization.

IT Security

At Clarus, we assure our clients that their customer’s confidential information is protected as per industry standard. We have invested in physical data security and compliance requirements to ensure that our facility is fully HIPAA compliant which is being monitored by a HIPAA compliance officer.