Medical Coding Services

To support inpatient, outpatient, ED, and HCC Coding requirements


Medical Coding Services

Coding service is a key activity that has a direct impact on the financial status of your practice. We have specialized expertise, niche focus, and infrastructure to support your requirements.

CLARUS RCM has CPC, CPC-H, CCS, CCSP, and CPMB certified professionals with ICD-10-CM certification. We aim to scale up our processes to become a leading player in this business.

Our medical coding services help in:

  • Optimizing revenue by reducing compliance risk

  • Improving cash flow by accurate claims submission

  • Reducing administrative costs

Our coding services are available as part of our revenue cycle management services or as a separate service. Our process flawlessly integrates with your billing system to ensure the highest degree of data reliability.

Clarus Advantages

  • Certified professional coders who are specialty-specific and dedicated for your business

  • Comprehensive solutions to suit client-specific guidelines and policies

  • A workflow management system that tracks every medical record, code and status

  • Our rule engine supports compliance and accurate code assignment

  • A well-defined process to identify and fix documentation issues

Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding (HCC Coding)

  • Compliance audit performed by AAPC certified coders

  • Evaluating medical records from all settings

  • Adherence to official coding rules and CMS guidelines for risk adjustment reporting

  • Investigate to identify potential errors or missing diagnoses on medical records

  • Assigning appropriate HCC value to the corresponding MRA Diagnosis code

  • Clarus has an effective audit system that keeps our coding standards equivalent to the best in the industry

  • We also constantly improve our coding skills through continuous training programs

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Improving Coding quality

Our primary focus is to implement quality improvements initiatives during migration as well as during steady-state production.

  • With continuous processes improvement focus, we use a dedicated team to identify and mitigate any errors.

  • Our quality approach ensures that every process is documented

  • We follow Top-level Six Sigma Quality management system which makes quality and essential part in project execution

Coding Audit Services

Our audit consists of highly skilled coders, certified in Quality Management Systems and Six Sigma. The key features of our QA team responsible for detecting errors are:

  • Robust sampling methods

  • Knowledge attribute analysis

  • Effective 5 why analysis and remediation plan

  • Corrective and preventive action analysis.